Monday, 31 August 2015

Recipe of the day: Kalar Bara (Banana Pakora)

Hello lovely foodies! Hope you all are doing very well in this festive season! How was your Raksha Bandhan celebration? Any special dish have you made for your brother? I will share in my next post, what I had made for my brothers!

Today is the Birthday of Lord Krishna! Last year, I shared a special recipe from Bengal. But, this year, I want to share a special recipe, what I have learnt from my mom-in-law! This year, I’m going to make “Kalar Bara” not “Taler Bara” for my Gopala in ‘Janmashtami’! Have a look to the recipe; and try it now for your Nanda Lala! It’s so simple!

Kalar Bara (Banana pakora)



  1. Banana (fully ripe):                          10pieces
  2. Coconut (grated):                            4 cups
  3. Coarse flour (Atte):                        4 cups (250gm.)
  4. Rice flour:                                       1/2 cup
  5. Semolina (Suji):                               ¼ cup
  6. Sugar:                                             to taste
  7. Salt:                                                a pinch
  8. Refined Oil:                                     for deep frying


1.   Mix all above ingredients  very well. Mixture should be of dropping consistency.
2.  Heat the oil in a deep fry-pan or karhai.
3.  Take a small amount of mixture and drop in oil in form of small ball. Similarly add more balls. 
4.  Fry till golden brown.
5.  Serve to Lord Krishna when these become cool.