Monday, 15 August 2016

Recipe of the day: Bombay Duck Curry with Vegetables

Hello lovely foodies! Here I’m today to celebrate with you two special occasions together with you all! Firstly, this is the 70th year of India’s Independence! It is a proud moment for all the Indians! And the 2nd proud moment for me and all the foodies in this family is – this is the 3rd anniversary of the blog! I want to share this great pleasure with all of you; because, without your love and support, I never can go such smoothly in this journey! Thank you so much my friends………hope we will go together many more years……
Today I’m going to share a very special recipe of a fish. The fish is very popular in India; but a few know that it is also very popular in European countries! Not only that, the fish was the cause of a big movement in United Kingdom, called "Save Bombay Duck". Yes, it is our very own Bombay Duck or Bombil or Loytta fish! 

According to local Bangladeshi stories, the term ‘Bombay duck’ was first coined by Robert Clive, after he tasted a piece during his conquest of Bengal. It is said that he associated the heady smell with that of the newspapers and mail which would come into the cantonments from Bombay. The term was later popularized among the British public by its appearance in Indian restaurants in the UK.  

But, in 1997, Bombay duck was banned by the European Commission (EC). This was because the EC prohibited fish imports from India other than from approved freezing and canning factories, and Bombay duck is not produced in a factory.

According to the "Save Bombay Duck" campaign, the Indian High Commission approached the European Commission about the ban and the EC adjusted its regulations so that the fish can still be dried in the open air, but has to be packed in an "EC approved" packing station. A Birmingham wholesale merchant located a packing source in Mumbai, and the product became available again in the United Kingdom. Before the ban, consumption in the United Kingdom was over 13 tons per year!! [*]

So, here is a delicious Bengali recipe of the World-shattering fish Bomby Duck, try it and share your experiences with me………………

Bombay Duck Curry with Vegetables


  1. Bombay Duck -           6
  2. Potato -                      2 (small)
  3. Egg Plant –                 1 (small)
  4. Long Beans –              2-3
  5. Flat Beans –               2-3
  6. Radish –                     1 (small)
  7. Onion -                      2 (chopped)
  8. Garlic Past –              2 tbsp.
  9. Green Chillies -         3 to 4(Chopped)
  10. Chilli powder -           1 tsp
  11. Oil –                           2cup
  12. Salt -                         as per taste


  • Clean the Bombay Duck & marinate with salt & turmeric.
  • Cut all the vegetables in small peices.

  • Heat oil in a pan. Fry all the vegetables separately with pinch of turmeric powder and salt. Drain the oil and keep them aside.

  • In the same oil, add chopped Onion and fry till it becomes golden in color.
  • Now, add garlic past, green chilies and saute well.
  • Add the fishes one by one to itand cover the pan for 3-4 min.

  • Open the lid and take the fishes out of the pan.
  • Now add the fried vegetables, turmeric powder, chilli powder to the pan and mix very well. Add little of water, if need. Cover again for 3-4 min.
  • In the mean time, remove the fishbone from the fishes.
  • Now, open the lid and move the vegetables and make a place in middle. 

  • Put the fishes in this place. Then cover the fish with cooked vegetables. Cover it again for 3-4 min.

  • After the time, open the lid and mix the fishes with vegetables. Stir continuously.

  • Take the flame off when the curry becomes dry and separates oil.
  • Serve hot with smoked Rice or Roti.

*Adjust the measurement of chilli and garlic as per your taste. 
**You can add more vegetables in it.