Saturday, 16 December 2017

Recipe of the day: Rui Posto

Hello foodies! Today I’m going to share a special Bengali Fish cuisine - ‘Rui Posto’. You can find so many recipes of this dish. People use Cumin seeds, Kalonji or Coriander; but I will show you how to cook the authentic recipe of ‘Rui Posto’, exclusively in Bengali style! Here I go…….


Rui Posto



  1. Rui/Rahu fish:           300gm. (4/6 pieces)
  2. Green chilies:            6-8 pieces
  3. Poppy seed paste:      50gm.
  4. Salt:                          to taste
  5. Mustard oil:               2 cup


  • Wash the fish and marinade with turmeric and salt and keep aside. 

  • Now heat the oil in a kadai and fry the fish till golden brown. 

  • In the remaining oil add green chilies and when they splatter add the poppy seed paste and fry. 
poppy seed paste

  • When oil separates from gravy add water, salt and the fried fish. Mix well and bring the gravy boil.
  • Let the gravy boil till it becomes thick.
  • Now remove the kadai from heat and garnish with green chilies.
  • Serve it with steamed rice.